Who we support and who supports us

In life we need people around us to survive.  In sport, it is the same.  We see the need for businesses to take responsibility in helping others who may be in need or crisis. Soul Runner currently donates to headspace and The Salvos.  “headspace” assist and support youth dealing with mental health issues.  We believe children and teenagers need to be encouraged in their talent, to be supported in their troubles, to know they are not alone.  You can read more about the great service they  provide at www.headspace.org.au.  The Salvation Army continues to work with people in crisis, whether it is shelter, a bed, food or a new start after being abused. See and support their great work at www.salvationarmy.org.au.

We are very thankful to the businesses and people that support Soul Runner.  A big shout out to Compressport (enter code MV12 for 10% off), Mizuno Running Australia, and Pure Physio.  Soul Runner founder, Melissa is forever grateful to the families and friends,coaches and mentors that helped shape Soul Runner’s vision and make it a reality.

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